Daily Bible Trivia
Today's Category: Women in the Bible
Today's Quiz: Hagar

    1.) What nationality was Hagar?

    2.) What was the name of Hagar's mistress?

    3.) Hagar's mistress did something to her which was most unusual. What was that?
           She gave her to her husband to be his wife.
           She washed her feet and anointed them with precious oil.
           She gave her an inheritance equal to that of her own children.
           She had her beheaded in front of all the servants as an example.

    4.) How did Hagar respond when she realised that she was pregnant?
           She arranged to have an abortion immediately.
           She despised her mistress.
           She got extremely ill, and almost died.
           She was very glad and told everyone about it.

    5.) An angel spoke to Hagar and told her what to do. What was that?
           To stop thinking of killing her child.
           To return to her mistress and submit to her.
           To make a brew of herbs and drink it.
           To stop telling everyone how glad she was to be pregnant.

    6.) What was the name of Hagar's son?

    7.) How old was the child's father when Hagar gave birth to him?

    8.) When Hagar departed from her master and her mistress, her master gave her 2 things. What were they?
           Oil and wine.
           Bread and water.
           Fruit and nuts.
           Flour and raisins.

    9.) Where did Hagar go to?
           She went to Jerusalem.
           She returned to her people in Canaan.
           She went to Mount Zion and had a mountaintop experience.
           She wandered around in the wilderness of Beersheba.

    10.) How did God appear to Hagar in her second encounter with the angel of God?
           He called to her out of heaven.
           He touched her on the right shoulder.
           He shook her and yelled at her to wake up.
           He appeared as a fire in a bush, but the bush was not burnt.

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